How much to book a group tour?

Our group tours can be totally customised to match the needs of you and your group. In other words, you can choose whichever destinations or itinerary you prefer and in a time-frame that suits you.

Rates as at 1/10/2020

Merc 1

12 Seater Mercedes:

$72.00 plus GST per hour (normally $90.00 plus GST per hour)

Toyota Only 1

22 and 25 Seater Toyota:

$80.00 plus GST per hour (normally $100.00 plus GST per hour)

Yutong Bus

54 Seater Yutong:

$120.00 plus GST per hour (normally $150.00 plus GST per hour)

Toyota and Trailer 2

Optional trailer:

$15.00 plus GST per hour

Terms and Conditions

  • Rates exclude any meals or entry fees for the passengers.
  • Rates exclude accommodation and meals for the driver (eg: for overnight stays).
  • Entertainment offers cannot be combined with this promotion.
  • Hourly rate begins from the time we depart our Malaga depot.
  • Hourly rate ends when we return to our Malaga depot.
  • Minimum booking of 2 hours (minimum charge of 3 hours).
  • You can travel as close to or as far from Perth as you wish.
  • Multiply x 1.5 for after 10pm rates.
  • Multiply x 1.5 for public holidays.
  • Driving on unsealed roads may incur additional charges.
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